Adair, David and Cheryl

Marriages, parents and families in general are under pressure everywhere! We know God has a heart for marriage, he invented it, and we want to be involved with what he has a heart for. Having worked in the US for FamilyLife for nine years we have been called to move to Ireland to start a marriage and family ministry there.

We deeply desire that our work will encourage churches to feed and support marriage and parenting. We want to introduce many to Christ and that people will not just wish to have a better marriage themselves but will take the tools and training to their own churches and communities.

FamilyLife has played a huge role in the health of our personal lives and our own, once struggling marriage. Cheryl and I passionately want people to experience the help and hope of the gospel in every area of our lives. As missionary staff, we have the privilege of inviting others to join us, to financially and prayerfully partner with us in this ministry. We commit to ensuring that those who partner with us are kept well informed of the impact our work has on peoples lives.

We all make investments. Cheryl and I are dedicated to investing ourselves in impacting lives and legacies through the ministry of FamilyLife. We simply can’t do this without the prayer and financial support of people like you. We are determined to introduce others to the God who made a difference in our lives and marriage and can make a difference in theirs.

In deep appreciation.

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Adair, David and Cheryl

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