Brown, Tony and Ruth

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Tony & I have been working with Agapé UK for 38 and 40 years respectively. In that time we have served in many different situations and capacities, but our heart has always been to introduce the people around us to Jesus and explore with them what it looks like to become whole-life disciples.

We also desire to serve the Church, discovering together how we can become more confident in being a living witness to Jesus in our everyday lives.

Our work extends from the local to the Agapé-wide, the national and (occasionally) the international. These days, because of my MS, I have limited capacity. So, my focus is on building relationships with the people in our community in Knowle near Solihull in the West Midlands. In the past year I’ve had the joy of leading another lady to faith and help her take the first steps in following Jesus.

Tony is similarly committed to the local community. He also has responsibilities for helping the Agapé UK staff go on growing in their understanding and application of the Bible to everyday life. He is working on making Agapé UK resources better known, understood and used effectively by the Church. And he is helping develop a network of church leaders who want to learn together how to put whole-life discipleship and disciple-making at the heart of their church’s life.

We would be delighted and most appreciative if you would like to share in what God is doing through Agapé UK by partnering with us in prayer, in encouragement and/or financially. If you would like to ask us anything more about our work and lives, please do email us.

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Brown, Tony and Ruth

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