Fernandez, Becca

Becca Entrevista Q-Universitarios


My name is Becca Fernández. Im from Spain and I really thank you for considering partnering with me financially and prayerfully. I thank God for allowing me to work in Agape and with a ministry like 24-7 Prayer here in Spain.

Apart from all that I am learning and living, and thanks to the different events and activities that this ministry develops, I have seen the power and the hand of God moving among the people, both in my church, as well as in other communities, etc. One of the things I am collaborating with is CREO Fest, a festival that this year (2023), will hold its second edition for an entire weekend. Although it is a youth-focused event, really anyone who has a heart for creativity, faith and missions can attend. It is organized by Agape Spain and in collaboration with many other ministries, like 24-7 Prayer. My job there will be to host the festival, connecting and communicating with the artists, speakers and attendees through the message of Jesus.

The events for young people “SUBLIME” that we run in Santander every two months, are bearing fruit and we are seeing and hearing stories of young people impacted by the power of prayer in their lives.

Another task that I will be involved with 24-7, is to help with the recording of the daily devotionals of the Lectio-365 app, giving voice to stories and passages with a direct and profound message of Jesus and the gospel. We are very happy that finally Lectio-365 is completely translated into Spanish, to be able to offer it as a tool to all the Spanish-speaking countries around the world. I encourage you to download it to your mobile phone and make it part of your devotional time (day or night) with God.

More news coming soon…





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Fernandez, Becca

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