Hadaeghi Home Deposit

Tow of us August 2021 thank you note

Dear friend

Negin and I are very grateful for the part you have played in our lives and ministry.  We trust your wisdom and wanted to bring a very important personal need to your attention.

As you may know, I (Kia) have been serving the Lord since my conversion to Christianity in 2000 and Negin has been serving Him since 2009.  During these years, we have both been very busy with the ministry as we sought to expand the Kingdom of God among Farsi speakers across the UK and beyond. We went through many challenges in life and ministry but eventually, we were able to establish FamilyLife Farsi in Agape UK in 2018. This is purely God’s amazing grace that He allowed us to serve Him in this new direction.

After settling down in Stockport and seeing how God was leading us both in ministry and life, we believe God is showing us that, NOW is the time to pray and ask Him to provide funds for a deposit to purchase a house. We have rented seven different houses during our time here in the UK since 2000.  Even though the frequent moves and uncertainties of renting have been hard at times, we have been blessed by God’s provision for us.  However, at this point in our lives, God has put a desire in our hearts for a home of our own and a more settled and stable home base for our family and the ministry. Besides being a sensible investment for the future, owning our own home will save money in the long term as we will no longer be paying high monthly rent to a landlord.  God put this desire in our hearts and we are trusting Him to provide for our needs.

We are asking a few special friends to pray about this with us. It is an important matter for us and we need help spiritually and financially. The total price of a three-bedroom house here is about £250,000.  With current mortgage offers and our budget, we are expecting to need about £40,000 for a down payment. We don’t know what your financial circumstances are and we would not want you to feel any pressure, but would you kindly pray about it and if the Lord leads you to help with these costs, it would be deeply appreciated.

When you click the link, you will see the online giving page. Please choose the amount that God put in your heart to donate. We are so excited to have this journey with you.

Negin and Kia (Ryan)

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Hadaeghi Home Deposit

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