Kubinyi, Józsi


The Gospel

When my discipler shared the gospel with me for the first time through “the diagram”, I felt it finally come together in my mind what I have believed. At the same time, it was an answer to a previous prayer I had made asking God to be able and willing to share the gospel with anyone. This prayer has haunted me for several years, because in our church community I heard a brother testifying that “he couldn’t resist sharing the gospel with the person next to him on the train…” I could not take the initiative, nor could I share the gospel.



Towards the end of my first semester at university, I got involved in a Bible study group. My on-going faith formation continued with a 5-part Bible study on the 5 foundations of faith in God. Throughout the discipleship, I continually felt that I was growing in faith, understanding spiritual things, and being able to deepen my relationship with God in a personalized way. My discipler was able to impact on me in a personalized way through the Bible, Bible studies, appropriate teaching, challenges, and personal development opportunities. This period was a preparation for “jumping into deep water”. SpeakOut, evangelism, Student Weekend, XCC, church accountability, relationship, dealing with porn.



During the first half of 2019, it crossed my mind several times and was reinforced during each of the CRU’s events that I would like to be actively involved in ministry. After attending SpeakOut for twice previously, I was unable to attend SpeakOut in 2019 summer. As I thought about it more and more and was led by God, it became a stronger and stronger determination. A co-worker offered me the opportunity to stay at their house during SpeakOut during my mandatory internship. During this time, God led me in my quiet times and worship services in such a way that I came to a decision and commitment that I wanted to serve full time with CRU. This meant that I let go of all my desires that I had previously pursued. Perhaps most vividly, Matthew 16:24 describes the weight of this decision in my life. “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” I had to give up on my idolatries. My desire to live not well, but better than others, better than my environment.

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Kubinyi, Józsi

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