Qirjazi, Agesil & Anila

Serving with CRU (AGAPE) in Albania

Our vision is to see Spiritual Movements of multiplying disciples among Albanians ( in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia) and through Albanians to other countries.

About us:

We were both brought up during communism and both in families of Eastern Orthodox background. Albania was declared an atheist state years before we were born and all forms of religion were banned.

Anila: I heard about Jesus from my grandmother. She taught me Bible stories and the Lord’s Prayer. In 1991, I was invited in an evangelical church and there I read the Bible for the first time. One verse that struck me was: “The stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone.” I had heard from my father how important is to a house a strong foundation. I thought I was a believer but I realized that Jesus was not the cornerstone of my life. When I went to University I went to Cru meetings. The discipleship I received there was life-changing. When I graduated (business management) I knew I wanted to serve God with all I had and accepted the challenge to join CRU staff. (AGAPE).            I ministered first to University students. Lately I have been serving with finances, but I take every opportunity to continue evangelism and discipleship, because I know I am called to share the Gospel wherever I am. People need to find “The Cornerstone” and build upon this Rock. –JESUS

Agesil: I also heard about the Lord from my grandmother. She never owned a Bible in her life, yet she knew the stories of the Gospels, which she told my sister and me. After the fall of the communism, my father, who was a believer, brought a New Testament home and I started reading it. I was 14 years old. I was curious to know the faith I belonged to traditionally. I started going to a Bible study group. When I graduated, I was invited to join Cru as a hired editor for training materials (majored in Albanian language & literature). The materials I edited and the truths as they were displayed in the lives of the Cru staff I worked with, were truly life-changing to me. Nothing gives me more fulfillment than seeing the Word of God go to people and renew them. During my 23 years with Cru ( AGAPE ) Albania, I have seen the great work that has been done to reach people with the Good News and build them up in faith. I consider it a privilege to be a Cru staff and use my capacities to this end.

But we can’t do it alone!

God intended that we work together to accomplish His purposes.

“A cord of three strands cannot be easily broken.”

That cord is God, you and us!

As we join forces, God multiplies our efforts and increases the yield many times over what any of us could do alone..

Our Mission Team is the only resource for our ministry.

You are making a difference through your prayers and investment.

We thank you for being part of our Mission Team to reach the lost in Albania and beyond.

May God richly bless you!

Agesil, Anila, Abigela and Aksel Qirjazi

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Qirjazi, Agesil & Anila

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