Refugees in Europe

Many refugee families have fled war and violence in their countries, and now find themselves living in makeshift tents and shelters with no access to basic needs, struggling to make ends meet. Their hope of a new life living in safety and security is often dashed as they are made to wait, sometimes for years, for approval as refugees.

GAiN UK is dedicated to help ease their suffering and help restore their dignity through providing aid and donations collected from our partners and donors.

Your donations will have a genuine impact on the lives of refugees from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and many other countries in crisis and will give hope, knowing they are cared for and not forgotten.

We will send donations that will meet their ongoing need.  Right now in Greece, living in a refugee camp is specially challenging for women, as they have children to take care of and their access to the bathroom facilities is limited and at the same time a safety issue. So, we are sending nappies for the children to help these women cope with the everyday challenges in these camps. Your donations will help meet some of their needs and help keep them safe.

As soon as we have collected enough relief supplies, we will be sending them off and then gearing up to send the next one.

Thank you for your part in helping those who have lost so much have a glimmer of hope for their future.

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Refugees in Europe

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