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Welcome to my page!

Hi! I’m Sean and I work in the Agapé UK Global Missions team.

I’ve been with Agapé UK since 2010, working with students in Newcastle upon Tyne and Russia. Whilst I was living in Russia I met my lovely wife, Kristina. We got married in 2018 and moved backed to the UK in summer 2019. We currently live together in Essex.

Global Missions works alongside all of Agapé UK’s different ministries to provide opportunities for people from across the UK to discover Jesus together globally. My team focuses on building and maintaining strategic global partnerships with Agapé UK’s sister organisations around the world, care of UK staff serving overseas, global sending, and supporting and resourcing the UK’s multicultural church.

In my specific rôle in the Global Missions team, I have a particular focus on organising short-term opportunities for UK university students to experience serving and sharing the good news about Jesus overseas. I’m also working to provide translations of training and other Christian resources to help Christians from all backgrounds grow in their confidence in talking about their faith and to give every person in the UK the opportunity to hear and understand the good news about Jesus in their heart language.


Could you also play a part in my work with Agapé UK?

Ever since graduating from university in 2010, God’s call for my life has been to help create opportunities for university students in the UK and abroad to consider how Jesus is good news for them. I believe that as Jesus helps to transform the lives of students as they take steps of faith to follow Him, we’ll begin to see a new generation of our country’s leaders and influencers emerging who are following Him and helping to bring about spiritual transformation in our society as a whole.

To help enable me to do this work full-time as an Agapé UK staff member, I have my own partnership team – made up of people just like you! – who all play a part in helping to keep my work going. We’re dependent on our teams to send us out, regularly pray for us, keep us encouraged, and give financially to help with our day-to-day and ministry expenses.

As we’re called by God, we also try to trust Him to provide for 100% of our financial needs, as we don’t receive any central funding. This means that we like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in our partnership team. If you’ve supported me in the past, then thanks! It’s all been hugely appreciated.

I have a current need to grow my partnership team. Could you be part of God’s plan in growing my team?


Becoming a prayer partner
If you’d like to join my team of prayer partners, you can follow this link to sign up for my monthly news and prayer updates.

Partnering with me financially

If you’d like to contribute to my work financially, too, please fill out the giving form at the bottom of this page.


If you’re from the United States, or anywhere else outside of the UK, you can join my partnership team through the Cru Giving Site, which you can reach via this link.


Thank you so much for visiting my page and showing an interest in my work with Agapé UK!

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Wood, Sean

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