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Thank you for serving the Lord alongside us in the extension of God’s Kingdom through your prayer and offering.

The monthly regular donations required for full-time ministry staff is GBP 3100 (approximately HKD 31,000), which includes pre-tax salary (~62%), mandatory national insurance and retirement contributions (~8%), ministry expenses (~16%), National Ministry Fund (~14%). By the end of 2023, I pray I will reach 70%.

My previous supporters have contributed monthly amounts ranging from £5 to £250 (HKD 50 – 2500), also with occasional one-time donations. I pray that by the end of 2023, God will provide:

1 supporters contributing £160 to £250 per month (approximately HKD 1600 – 2500)
2 supporters contributing £100 to £150 per month (approximately HKD 1000 – 1500)
2 supporters contributing £50 to £90 per month (approximately HKD 500 – 900)
2 supporters contributing £5 to £40 per month (approximately HKD 50 – 400)

to achieve 70% regular support in order to be partly involved in ministry stably (currently receiving approximately 50% of the target).
The Lord values the faithfulness of believers. Good servants manage faithfully, not more or less, according to the trust given by the Master. The poor widow’s offering may seem small, but Jesus regarded what she gave as great because He valued her heart. Considering your situation and what the Lord has entrusted you, I encourage you to faithfully and willingly offer your part for His use.

Because of your faithful and willing offerings, I pray to God: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

感謝你以禱告和奉獻, 在擴展神國的事工上與我們一同事奉主。

全職同工所需之每月恆常奉獻為英鎊 GBP 3100 ( 約港幣 HKD 31000 ) ,現禱告於年底前能達至70%。

我過往的支持者有每月奉獻 5 至 250 英鎊 (HKD 50 – 2500)不等,也偶有一次性的感恩奉獻。

1 位支持者 每月奉獻 160 到 250 英鎊 (約 HKD 1600 – 2500)
2 位支持者 每月奉獻 100 到 150 英鎊 (約 HKD 1000 – 1500)
2 位支持者 每月奉獻 50 到 90 英鎊 (約 HKD 500 – 900)
2 位支持者 每月奉獻 5 到 40 英鎊 (約 HKD 50 – 400)
以能達至約70%的恆常奉獻支持,能穩定以部分時間方式參與事工  (感恩現時每月奉獻約為目標50%)


因你忠心的樂意獻上,我祈求神:我的 神必照他在基督耶穌裡榮耀的豐富,滿足你們的一切需要。腓立比書 4:19

Sunny Wind 晴風


從香港奉獻方法 (奉獻以英鎊結算,銀行將以即時匯率結算港元)

方法1. 以信用卡(Credit Card)或扣帳卡(Debit Card) 直接付款奉獻至Agape UK

優點: 1. 即時於奉獻網頁直接過數

缺點: 1. Visa/Master 將收取 2% 外幣交易費 (但個別信用卡或扣帳卡有海外簽帳回贈, 甚至括免外幣交易費) 2. 需要每月清卡數 (扣帳卡直接從銀行戶口扣數,不用另外每月清卡數) 3. 如沒有信用卡或扣帳卡,則需要向銀手申請(個別銀行可於個人網上銀行直接申請)。

方法2. 海外轉帳

優點: 1. 個別銀行可於個人網上銀行設定定期(每月/每季/每年)自動轉帳

缺點: 1. 需於個人網上銀行填寫銀行資料進行過數 2. 每次轉帳定額手續費(約HKD 200 – 250)



Payee Address: Agape UK Hub, 167 Newhall Street Birmingham B3 1SW (United Kingdom)



Bank Address: 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP (United Kingdom)

IBAN: GB67BUKB20078980240354

方法3. 以英國離岸戶口奉獻

優點: 1. 可設定每月自動轉賬,免手續費

缺點: 1. 如沒有離岸戶口,則要向銀手申請 (HSBC One 可於個人網上銀行直接申請) 2. 離岸戶口需有存款以作每月自動轉賬

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