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Toucan Together is a positive relationships app developed by FamilyLife, which empowers couples to work on and strengthen their relationship. The app is high quality, uniquely combining video content of couples sharing openly and honestly with fun interactive exercises and sophisticated progress tracking. It’s designed firmly on Christian values and accessible for all faiths and none, with users experiencing a practical Gospel.

Our goal is to see couple relationships in the UK transformed, reaching 5 million people in 5 years.

Family breakdown is a serious cause for concern with children suffering enormously from breakdown, but relationships can be salvaged.

We know that Toucan Together has the power to transform lives – 91% of couples completing a ‘module’ report relationship benefits, and with the reach of the internet the potential is huge.

Toucan Together has many notable endorsements including cross-party MPs and heads of organisations in providing relationship support in the UK. Toucan was given special mention and commended for its “brilliance” in Parliament in June 2020. Andrew Selous MP, Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for supporting couple relationships and reducing interparental conflict, commenting on the new Divorce Bill said:

… Prevention is always better than cure, which is why the provision of marriage and relationship support services is so vital. …

As we look to rebuild our economy after the ravages of covid-19, it is not only economic matters that need our attention but the fractured and hurting relationships that we need to repair to a healthier, more respectful and more committed state. 

We’re seeking to raise £63,000 for an intensive marketing boost to promote the app and reach 60,000 over the next 12 months to achieve a “tipping point” for exponential growth.


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