Ukraine Solidarity Fund Global

As part of a global mission organisation (Campus Crusade for Christ International aka. Cru), we have around 140 missionaries in Ukraine. Some are able to leave the country, some are not. Some are determined to stay and preach the gospel. And as people flee the country, missionaries in the surrounding areas are preparing to receive them. Cru staff teams across Europe are mobilizing to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

We are raising emergency funds to help support our Ukrainian missionaries as they leave their livelihoods behind or stay and see them destroyed.

Because we don’t know how the situation will play out, we must be prepared for anything which could mean providing ongoing support for several months or more. We suggest you do not give directly to the Ukrainian ministry or staff since their access to banks could change at any moment. Instead, This Solidarity Fund, in partnership with our global organisation, will allow more flexibility to help where it is needed most, will increase the speed of receiving funds, and avoid possible confusion or errors that may happen if transfers are being made directly to individuals.

That’s why your gift today is absolutely critical. Would you give today to help our Ukrainian missionaries?

We are hearing reports of God working in remarkable ways in the midst of the chaos in Ukraine. People are coming to faith in Christ. Now is the time to trust God and do our part. Jesus is our peace and our certainty. Please pray for the people of Ukraine whenever you read a headline or watch the news. Please keep our Cru Ukrainian missionary brothers and sisters in your prayers.

And please consider how you can help.

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Ukraine Solidarity Fund Global

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