Wang, Abraham

As a staff member of Power to Change at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, I am called to impart the life-altering message of the gospel, not only to Chinese students but to international scholars from diverse backgrounds. My own spiritual awakening began amidst the scholarly quest at university, where I encountered the profound impact of Christianity. It was during a time of uncertainty and academic pressure that the gospel emerged as a source of clarity and strength, guiding me toward a life of purpose and abundance.
This transformative experience, brought forth through the kindness of missionaries, is what I now seek to share with the wider international student community at UBC, with a special focus on those from China. By embracing the gospel, I hope to offer comfort and direction to students who might be confronting the daunting challenges of life away from home. Your support empowers our mission, lighting the way for a new generation of learners as they journey towards a life replete with meaning and possibility.With your partnership, we can extend this beacon of hope to every corner of UBC, fostering a nurturing environment where every international student can thrive. Together, we are building a more inclusive ministry, one that understands and addresses the unique needs of students from around the globe, while continuing to provide specialized support for our Chinese community.

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Wang, Abraham

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