Zeilinger, Gernot


My name is Gernot and I work together with my wife Fahrida for “Campus für Christus” (the Austrian version of Agapé UK) in Vienna, Austria. Fahrida and I have three kids aged 16, 10 and 4 years old and we both serve as volunteers at our local church. While I mainly focus on pioneering a ministry called “PROFUNDUM” (see below for more details), Fahrida is part of the “back office” team and manages different projects.

Apart from my family, working for “Campus für Christus” and volunteering at the local church I am also pursuing two Master degrees – one in Systematic & Philosophical Theology at the University of Nottingham and one in Protestant studies at the University of Vienna.


I had the privilege of launching a new ministry called Profundum in autumn 2021, which I have been leading since. The vision of Profundum is pointing Christians and non-Christians to the truth and relevance of the person of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith by drawing upon the height, depths and width of historic Christianity. We as Profundum want to engage people´s minds and hearts through various formats:

APAC – Apologetics Academy

The APAC is an one-year program for around 20 Christians aged 16-30 years old. It consists of four weekends of training and in addition every participant is part of a small group. They meet personally in between the training weekends to engage even more with their personal questions and to train how to provide answers for others to share their faith with greater confidence and more joy in a culturally relevant way.

Profundum.Dialog / Profundum.Interview

Profundum regularly hosts  YouTube-Livestreams where Christians are in conversation with non-Christians or where we interview different Christian specialists, about the truth and relevance of the Christian faith in order to create resources for Christians, seekers and sceptics.


Starting from February 2023 Profundum will host a bi-weekly Theology Podcast that seeks to explain the content of Christian doctrine in a culturally relevant way for Christians.


Profundum regularly creates Apologetic short videos that aim to give reason for the Christian faith.


This is a personal project of mine created within the frame of Profundum where I analyse popular movies and culture from a Christian worldview.

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Zeilinger, Gernot

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